Access Recreation Areas

What is a Discover Pass?

The Discover Pass is a vehicle pass that allows access to Washington state recreation areas, including campgrounds, parks, wildlife areas, trails, natural areas, wilderness areas and water-access points.

Do Fort Worden visitors need a Discover Pass?

The Discover Pass is your ticket to Washington’s great outdoors. By buying an annual Discover Pass for $30, it serves as a vehicle pass that allows you to visit Washington state recreational lands and helps to support our state parks as well as Fort Worden. A Discover Pass is not required to park in Fort Worden’s upper campus, which includes the parade grounds and the majority of historic buildings in the campus area of the park. However, a Discover Pass is required to access and park at Fort Worden’s beaches, trailheads and view areas.

Where can I get a Discover Pass?

You can purchase a Discover Pass when you check in at the front desk, or from the Visitor Information Center & Gift Shop, Coast Artillery Museum or at conveniently located pay stations in the park.