COVID Protocols at the Fort

Fort Worden has implemented extensive COVID-19 santization and cleaning measures to ensure a safe environment for our guests, community and staff. We are allowing time between cleanings and new occupants. Physical distancing and mask wearing requirements are being enforced on campus. Guests MUST wear masks while interacting with staff. Our vacation rentals offer guests an opportunity to be socially distant while enjoying our open spaces and nature we have on our campus. Please follow posted signage while on campus.

  • Accommodations Team and Cleaning Policies
    In addition to the strict levels of cleaning already in place, the Housekeeping team will follow industry best practices, including:
    • Waiting 24 hours to enter the accommodation prior to cleaning
    • Remove all bed linens and launder all pieces between guests
    • After cleaning surfaces, add a sanitizer step in line with CDC recommendations
    • Staff will NOT enter accommodations while they are occupied by guests; no-contact drop offs may be used when the guest requests additional items like towels or toilet paper
    • Limit working teams to two employees; teams work separately from each other and have staggered start times to avoid using common work areas at the same time
    • Dishware in the houses is being sanitized after in between guests
  • Restaurants Team and Cleaning Policies
    Fort Worden is following all state and local requirements which can be found here.
    Jefferson County Department of Health directives can be found here.
  • Positive Case Protocol 
    Upon Notification of Staff or Guest with Suspected or Diagnosed COVID19 Infection:
    • Close off areas used by the person who is sick.
    • Wait 24 hours before you clean or disinfect the area.
    • Clean and disinfect all areas used by the person who is sick, such as offices, bathrooms, common areas, shared electronic equipment like tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls, and ATM machines.
    • Once area has been appropriately disinfected, it can be opened for use. Workers without close contact with the person who is sick can return to work immediately after disinfection.
    • Continue routine cleaning and disinfection.
  • Social Distancing Guidelines
    All on-campus work should follow best practices in social distancing measures and the following guidelines:
    • Counter Service
    Where possible, interactions with guests should be done by phone or email. In some cases, a main counter is required to be available to guests. When this is the case, a six-foot separation should be observed. Face masks must be worn at all times by both staff and guests. This is marked with stanchions.
    • Handling Documents
    Where possible, document submission should be done via scanning and email. When hard-copy documents are required, the use of a drop box should be encouraged. When handling documents, ensure you are washing your hands regularly, and sanitize your hands before and after touching the document.


Fort Worden has been working with state and local government and health officials to plan for reopening of our facilities consistent with public health orders and guidance related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We ask for your cooperation during your stay at Fort Worden to help us protect the health and safety of guests, visitors, community and staff.

Guests must wear face coverings consistent with state and local public health orders. In addition, guests must comply with all posted signs and instructions from staff.

For your protection and protection of others, Fort Worden is collecting contact information from guests to allow for notification if a guest or staff member may have been exposed to COVID-19. (There is, however, no right of notification, as resources for contact tracing are limited.) Your contact information may be shared with state and local public health officials, unless you opt out. If you want to opt out of providing your contact information for these purposes, please send an email to, with the subject line “Opt Out of Contact Tracing” and provide your reservation number and the dates of your stay.

While Fort Worden is taking numerous precautions to protect the health and safety of our guests and staff, there remains a risk of contracting the virus. Guests stay in our accommodations and use other indoor and outdoor facilities of their own will and at their own risk. By accepting these terms], guests knowingly waive and release Fort Worden (including its officers, directors, employees, and agents) from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, including those caused by negligence, in any way related to COVID-19. This waiver and release is binding on the reservation holder, guests, guests’ guardians, assigns, heirs, administrators, and executors.

Pt. Wilson Lighthouse and Mt. Baker
PHOTO Jen Lee Light